JOBS FOR SEAMAN, SEAFARERS & MARINE ENGINEERS is a directory of maritime agencies, maritime training centers, crew manning agencies, and other institutions related to the growing Philippine maritime industry.

Seaman Jobs
2nd Mate DPO, 3rd Mate DPO, AB Crane Operator, AB/CK, Able Seaman, Able Seaman Special, Chef, Bar Waiter Waitress, Bosun, Captain / Master Carpenter, Casino Dealer, Chief Cook, Chief Electrician, Chief Electronic Technician, Chief Engineer, Chief Housekeeper, Chief Mate/Safety Officer, Chief Officer, Crew Cook Assistant, Crew Cook Utility, Crewing Assistant, Crewing Manager, Data Analyst, Deck Cadet, Deck Hand, Electrician, Engine Cadet, Engine Officer, Engine Storekeeper, First Engineer, First Officer, Chief Mate, Fisherman, Fitter, Fourth Engineer, Gas Engineer, Messman, Navigator, Oiler, Ordinary Seaman, OS / WIPER, OS/CK, Pastry Chef, Pipefitter, Plumber Pumpmen, Radio Officer Safety Officer, Second Engineer, Dredger Second Officer, Second Mate, Staff Captain, Steward Third Cook, Third Engineer Third Engineer, Third Officer, Third Mate Trainee, Chief Engineer, Tug Master Welder, Wiper, Marine Surveyor, Offshore Vetting Specialist, Upstream Tanker Vetting Specialist, DPQA Coordinator, Dockmaster, ROC Superintendent.